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Hire Me For a Day

If you know you’ll need me to do copywriting (or editing) for more than just one task, hiring me for a day could be the best option for you.

It often works out to be more economical, and it means you’ll have me to yourself for an entire day. That’s seven hours of uninterrupted work dedicated to your organisation.


Who will this help?

This service is great for when you have a tight deadline, a few small projects, or even a medium-sized project.

How does it work?

You can hire me for as many days as I’m available, and I’ll complete this work remotely.

I usually require at least two days’ notice, but on the odd occasion I might be able to offer this service on short notice, depending on my workload.

What can I help with?

Almost anything that’s written, including blog posts, emails, video scripts, newsletters, articles, case studies, how to guides, content series, lifestyle features, reviews, and interviews.

As long as its necessary, I do keyword research for all my writing.

My rates

For a full list of my rates and services, get in touch.