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Do you need a fresh pair of eyes to look over that publication before you publish it?

Answer: yes, you do!

Anything being distributed to stakeholders needs to be checked over by a professional editor. When you’re trying to come across as an expert in your field, even the smallest typo in an otherwise extremely professional publication can make readers question your authority.


Who will this help?

This service is for copy that’s already been written. If you’ve produced a brochure that you know is a little rough around the edges, I’ll go through it and make sure there are no pesky typos or sneaky spelling errors. I’ll also work on the structure and ensure it all makes sense. By the time I’m done with it, your work will be word perfect and ready for publication.

How does it work?

You send me the project, I edit it. It’s as simple as that.

Once I’m done, I’ll send the document back to you via email, along with comments, suggestions, and tracked changes on Microsoft Word.

What can I help with?

This is an intensive editing service that corrects spelling, punctuation, grammar, style, usage, consistency, accuracy, and structural errors.

I edit anything with words, including websites, emails, blog posts, brochures, reports, speeches, scripts, and other online and offline marketing materials.

My rates

For a full list of my rates and services, get in touch.