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You need fly-off-the-shelf sales emails and you need them fast.

In your search for a conversion-focused copywriter who can write emails that win the hearts, minds and credit card details of subscribers, my results caught your attention:

  • 40+% open rates (I've hit 82% without breaking a sweat)
  • actual replies from engaged and excited subscribers
  • £12K+ raised for a client (with a pretty small list!)

You want work with me, but you don't have time to hang around on my 6-week waiting list.

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Order Your Express Email Sales Funnel

When you choose this Express package, you'll get your 7-day email launch sequence for just £1497 and you'll get it within 2 weeks of making your order...

... that's instead of paying my fixed price of £2500 for a research-intensive email project that has a 6-week waiting list.

What'll you get again?

Custom Emails

You'll get 7-10 sales emails (hold the sleaze) that speak to your audience and make them feel seen - instead of like they're being pitched to.

Dreamy Open Rates

My emails have a 30-40% open rate (almost double the 21% average), but I've also hit 82% without breaking a sweat.

Instant Sales

My emails have made money in the first few minutes of a launch.

What are people saying 'bout me?

"Eman's copy captured me. I was so emotional reading through it because of how well she nailed my story and my message. I was moved by my own story. She did such an amazing job!"

Estela Rodriguez-Jebril - Spiral Up Connections

"Eman is a wonderful copywriter who can quickly grasp the spirit of the conversation you want to convey. Five stars for work quality, ethic, and timeliness."

Azim Kidwai - Mercy Mission

"Eman is a skilled and proficient copywriter and a lovely person to work with. She delivers on deadline and her work is of impressively high quality."

Sarah Gate - JustGiving

How this works

1. Hit the buy button and make your payment.

2. I'll send you a questionnaire (via email) to fill in.

3. We'll jump on a half hour call so we can talk through any last details.

4. With the help of that questionnaire and other expert research techniques, I'll map out your funnel and then write a sales-winning email sequence for your launch.

5. You'll receive your completed 7-10 email sequence in a Word document within 14 days of me receiving your questionnaire - along with instructions on when to send each email.

6. Sit back and watch the sales roll in.


"Wait! Who are you again?"

Hey there!

I’m Eman Ismail - email conversion strategist and copywriter, founder of InkHouse, sweetcorn pizza-lover and certified Ravenclaw.

When I'm not binging podcasts, I'm writing emails that:

- boast 40+% open rates (and I've hit 82% without breaking a sweat)

- get actual replies from engaged and excited subscribers

- raise £12K+ for my fave charity client

If you're a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to make money through email (problem being: email makes you want to pull your hair out and scream at your screen) we're a dream team.

Hit the button already so we can get started! ;)

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