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Marketing Emails

On the surface, writing an email seems easy.

But writing an email isn’t the hard part. What’s difficult is writing an email people will actually open.

From the moment their phones go ping!, you’ve got seconds to convince a person to read your email.

Your subject line, preview text and body text need to work hand-in-hand to gently guide them to your call to action.

Then you need them to click.

I help make that happen.


How does it work?

It’s easy.

I write the email and send it to you in a word document, then you broadcast it.

Getting your brand voice right

I’ve written more emails than I can count for a range of organisations. But the audience never knows I’ve written them, because I imitate your brand voice to make sure the email is in line with all your other communications.

Single emails & campaign series

I write one-off emails as well as entire email marketing campaigns. So whether you need just one email, a welcome series or a promotional campaign, I can help.

Have a look at some of the emails I’ve created for other clients here.

My rates

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