National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE)

The National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) is made up of STEM Learning, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, and Raspberry Pi Foundation. Together, these three institutions were awarded an £84 million government contract to improve the teaching of computer science across the UK.

I worked closely with STEM Learning to produce web copy for an NCCE landing page that encouraged their audience (teachers) to sign up for their latest product.

They felt their existing copy was complicated and wordy, so they asked me to create a page that was succinct and easy to follow.

What did I do?

I planned, structured and wrote a landing page that was easy to understand and consistent with NCCE’s tone of voice. I clearly communicated the benefits of signing up to their teacher training, in order to persuade teachers to sign up for their offer and make use of NCCE resources.

What were the results?

The NCCE now has a landing page they’re confident in. They know their audience understands their offer, and that NCCE products are being showcased in the best possible light.

The landing page takes their audience through an educational journey, so that by the time they reach the end of the page, they’re convinced of the benefits and ready to sign up.

What do the NCCE say?


“We hired Eman to write two pages for our website after she was recommended to me by a colleague. I was very impressed with the final copy. It was clear and to the point, which is exactly what I asked for. My experience of working with Eman was positive, collaborative and quick. I’d definitely recommend her to any company needing copy for their website.”

– Nikki Chapman, Communications Coordinator

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