The Task

Yielders is an ethical property investment firm that asked me to work on their messaging and website copy.

Their website was difficult to understand if you weren’t part of the ‘property scene’, so they needed help coming up with a conversational yet authoritative tone for their website.

They also wanted to change their messaging so their use of Islamic terminology didn’t exclude people who unsure of what ‘halal property investment’ meant.


What did I do?

I worked with Yielders to plan and write six website pages that communicated what they do in a way that was clear and easy to follow – even for people who have no experience in property investment.

The task was to turn something quite technical into something extremely simple – without sounding condescending.

I also interviewed Yielders employees and researched the property investment scene until I was clear on Yielders’ USP, so I could I communicate that clearly to their audience.



Yielders now has a website that represents what they do.

It’s easy to understand, and it outlines the benefits of investing with them. You don’t need to be a tech/property expert to understand what they do and how they can help you.

The big challenge here was finding a tone that accurately portrayed the every day yet professional tone Yielders wanted. Now, Yielders has exactly that.

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