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How does this work?

  1. Get in touch 
    • Give me a call or email me to let me know what your project involves. We’ll have a conversation to see whether we think I’m a good fit for you.
  2. Project specifications & terms of service
    • If I am, we’ll agree on what the project will involve. I’ll send over a proposal with details of the project, the cost, and my terms of service which you’ll sign and return.
      Have a look at my terms of service here. Bear in mind these are general terms and they might change a little based on the nature of your project and any agreements we make.
  3. Deposit
    • You’ll pay a 50% deposit if your project costs more than £400. Anything under £400 must be paid in advance.
    • For monthly clients who have a retainer agreement, the process is slightly different as you’ll pay in advance every month.
    • Please note: it’s the deposit (or advance payment in some cases) that secures my time with you and gets your project onto my calendar. I’ll only book in, or start, your project once this payment is made.
  4. Copywriting brief
    • I’ll send over a copywriting brief for you to complete. This brief will ask you a bunch of questions to help me write better copy for you. Questions include: ‘who is your target audience?’ and ‘what do you want them to do once they’ve read your copy?’
  5. The writing begins
    • Once we’re clear on the brief, we’ll agree on a deadline and I’ll get started as soon as I’m able to.
  6. First draft
    • I’ll send you the first draft.
  7. Revisions & amendments
    • Hopefully, you’ll love the first draft and we can pat ourselves on the back for a job well done! If you think we need to tweak it a little, I’ll go back through the work and make any changes we’ve discussed. You’ve got two free rounds of revision. After that, I charge an hourly rate for changes.
  8. Final draft
    • Once I’ve made all the amendments, I’ll send you the final version and you’ll sign off on the project.
  9. Fee
    • You’ll pay the remaining fee (where necessary), give me a great review and recommend me to lots of friends! (I hope!)

Waiting times: current waiting times are three to four weeks for large projects. But I’ll keep you updated and let you know if I’m able to complete your work any earlier.

Got more questions? You can have a read of my FAQ here.