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I’m an in-demand speaker who’s guested on podcasts, taught live workshops and webinars, and delivered talks at festivals and summits

Here are some of my most requested topics

Email Mastery

How to create revenue-building, relationship-building emails that power your business growth.

The 3 money-making sequences (for ecommerce businesses)

A deep dive into how brands can create a revenue-generating welcome sequence, abandoned cart sequence and post-purchase sequence by using an email strategy that puts their customers first.

How I quit my full-time job and set up a successful business (and how you can do it too)

One day, I decided I couldn’t do my lengthy commute any longer. I wanted to be the boss of my own schedule so I could be a lot more present for my then 2-year-old. (I also wanted to make a lot more money). I left that job with no savings and no back-up plan on a Friday, and by the Monday I had my first client and a pipeline of leads. This story tends to resonate most with parents and newbie business owners. I don’t hold back on the juicy details either 😉

How to be your own copywriter

Quick-win tips and techniques that help business owners write copy that sells their products or services. (Named after my online copywriting course, Be Your Own Copywriter).

The juggles of being a mama in business

I love to talk about how I balance motherhood and business, and still find time to brush my teeth and wash my face.

I’ve had 50+ guests on my podcast and Eman continues to shine brightly as one of my best guests. She’s smart, witty, generous with her knowledge, aaaaaaand she set up a personalised page JUST for my listeners to help them with their next steps after our conversation.“

—Mai-kee Tsang, Host of The Quiet Rebel Podcast

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Workshops, webinars and talks I’ve done

“We had so many great comments and shares to Eman’s episode”


“Eman was a joy to have on the Being Freelance podcast. She’s a friendly, thoughtful and fun person that is a pleasure to spend time with – as a host and as a listener.

She speaks so eloquently about her story, experiences and has great insight and advice to give both on running a business and of course in her specialised field.

We had so many great comments and shares to her episode. More than that, Eman made extra effort to share her appearance too on social, which always makes a huge difference and is much appreciated.”

—Steve Folland, Host of Being Freelance

“Eman is eloquent, relatable and inspiring. She really resonated with my audience and it was a delight working with her.”

—Graham Allcott, Host of Beyond Busy Podcast

“I’ve had 50+ guests on my podcast, and Eman continues to shine brightly as one of my best guests. She’s smart, witty, generous with her knowledge, aaaaaaand she set up a personalised page JUST for my listeners to help them with their next steps after our conversation.

And the cherry on top? She’ll also continually share the podcast longggg after the interview — and for most podcasters, that is rare. You can’t go wrong with Eman.”

—Mai-kee Tsang, Host of The Quiet Rebel Podcast

“Thanks a ton, Eman. You were a total badass, and the audience loved it.”

—Joanna Wiebe, Copyhackers

Hey, I’m Eman!

An email conversion strategist and copywriter who helps 6+ figure online business owners and ecommerce brands fire up their conversions, evergreen their sales and turn fans into Superfans.

Can I tell you a secret? I grew up wanting to be Beyonce 2.0 and spent most of my teen years on stage. Clearly, that didn’t work out 👀

Today when I’m on stage (real or virtual), it’s because I’m speaking about business, or teaching and preaching about the wonders of email marketing.

Want me to guest on your podcast, speak at your event, or teach some #MicDrop tips and techniques to your community?

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