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Terms of Service: Coaching Call

1. Acceptance of terms

The InkHouse copywriting consultation and coaching service is the property of InkHouse, which provides services to you subject to the following Terms of Service (TOS) in addition to the Terms of Service outlined at

These Terms of Service may be updated from time to time without notice.

In summary, this document outlines what you can expect from me and what I expect from you.

 2. Description of product

The agreed amount will be paid upfront to InkHouse. (No refund available within 24 hours of our scheduled call, though you can reschedule within one month of your initial booking.)

Upon payment, we will schedule a time for your consultation(s).

Any preparation for our calls will be done outside of the allocated consultation time, within reason. If there is significant work to be reviewed by me, I will allocate some of your call time for this. I will let you know if this is the case and how much time will be required.

Your scheduled consultation can be used any time within three months of your purchase date.

If something happens that will prevent you from using your consultation time within that period, I ask that you notify me as soon as possible so we can discuss the situation.

3. Guarantees and behaviour

I cannot be held responsible for your actions before or after our call as a result of the advice I offer. I have no training as a coach. My advice is based on my own experiences.

I do guarantee I will be professional, considerate of your time and that I will deliver a high-quality experience that is geared towards:

  • Helping you nut through the challenges you want
  • Treating your experience with the same care and respect I would my own

You can also expect that I will:

  • Prepare thoroughly to maximise the value you get from each call
  • Behave in a way that is respectful and ethical
  • Have a positive attitude

In return, I ask that you:

  • Allow seven days between when you request a consultation and when that call occurs. I’m sure we’re both busy and it’s not always possible to find an open window quickly.
  • Provide me with any work you want to be reviewed and/or questions you’d like answered at least three working days before our call
  • Let me know if you can’t make a scheduled call at least 24 hours before our call time
  • Behave in a way that is respectful and ethical

Thanks for reading this and I’ll speak to you soon!