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Video Scripts

We’re in the age of video. Consumers prefer to learn about products, services, and organisations through video over text.

You know this, so you hire a professional videographer and editor to create your videos. Job done, right?


You’re making a fatal error when you don’t hire a professional writer to write your scripts.

It doesn’t make sense to invest time and money on a job half done. But that’s what you’re doing when you only hire half the creative team you need.

Videos have to be persuasive, engaging, shareable, structured, free of errors and easy to understand. That’s a hard balance to achieve. And that’s why you need an expert copywriter working on your scripts.

I offer two services:

  1. Video scripts – you’ll be responsible for turning the script into a video.
  2. Completed videos – for a discounted price, I’ll work with a professional video editor to turn your script into a completed video. You’ll need to provide any raw footage you’d like us to use.
Testimonial by Jamie McEvoy
Jamie McEvoy
Epicam Productions
'I’ve worked directly with Eman on countless video projects and always found her to be a first class operator. She is extremely organised, communicative and professional at all times during the production process. Her script-writing skills, in particular, are second to none!'

How does it work?

You send me a brief that explains the purpose of your video and the results you want to achieve. Then I come up with a concept (if you don’t already have one) and write the script.

I can work with your video editor right up until the video is complete, ensuring you have a writer and editor’s eye on it throughout the entire process.

Your options

You can order one-off video projects or monthly videos that form part of an ongoing content strategy. Get in touch here.

My rates

For a full list of my rates and services, fill out my contact form or give me a call.

Want to get a taste of my script writing skills?

Have a look at the videos below. I came up with the concepts, wrote the scripts, often directed the videographer, and then worked with the video editor to put the videos together. Many of these have had hundreds of shares and likes on social media.