Is your website copy holding you back?

Find out now with my Copywriting Health Check


You've pumped a whole lotta money, time and energy into your website 

...because you know it’s the face of your business.

But instead of making you proud  

scrolling through it gives you a twitchy eye and a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.  

Something’s wrong – and you think it might be your words… 

but you’re just not sure.  

The Copywriting Health Check gives you a page-by-page copy review so you can finally know what you’re doing right -

and what you can tweak to level up your messaging.  

With a full diagnosis of your copy and a professional opinion on what's going right or wrong -

you can finally feel confident about the words on your website.

How it works

Step 1


You pick three website pages and I do a deep dive analysis of them. My investigation will uncover what's working and what's losing you leads and customers.

Step 2


I'll share my results and recommendations with you in a diagnosis call, where I guide you through the highs and woes of your website.

Step 3

The Cure

You'll walk away with a 3-step action plan that cures your website of any previous illness. You can implement these changes yourself or hire me to do them for you.

Hey, I'm Eman! 

Ready for me to examine the deepest and darkest corners of your website?

I'm not a real doctor, but I am a pro copywriter who's here to help fix your messaging.

By the time I'm done with your page-by-page copywriting review, you’ll know exactly what's working on your website and - most importantly - what isn't.

If your budget won't let you hire a copywriter right now, or you're not even 100% sure you need one - this website audit is a great place to start.

You'll leave with an action plan that's designed to fix those money leaks and bring you more customers.

Can’t recommend Eman enough! I see light at the end of the copywriting tunnel!!

Kirstie Henderson, Producer at Brave Day

The 3 stages of the Health Check

I take your website through 3 checks so I can make my diagnosis

1. The Credibility Check

In this stage, I analyse whether:  

  • your website makes you look like a credible business.
  • your copy – and the information you present on each page – proves that you’re an expert who’s serious about what you do.
  • there’s anything that undermines your professionalism or makes you seem untrustworthy to customers.

I'll give you tailored advice that helps you boost your credibility and encourages your audience to trust and like you. 

2. The Motivation Check

In this stage, I examine whether:

  • you're motivating your audience well enough.
  • you’re connecting with them in a way that makes your business memorable and unique.
  • your copy is structured coherently so that it guides your audience to a call-to-action that seals the deal.
  • your copy highlights the benefits of your offering, so your audience understands how your product or service will improve their life.

I'll give you recommendations that help you better motivate and connect with your audience.

3. The Readability Check

In the final stage, I'll uncover whether:  

  • you’re using the right language for your audience.
  • you know your colons from your semi-colons, and your possessive apostrophes from your contraction apostrophes.
  • you’re being consistent in your use of tone, language and grammar.
  • your web pages read like they were written by the same person.  

I'll give you actionable tips to help you improve the flow, consistency and coherence of your copy.

Wave your website worries goodbye

Once I've done your Copywriting Health Check, we'll have a diagnosis call.

This is where I walk you through your website and give you your results, recommendations and 3-step action plan.

You'll leave knowing exactly what you need to do to get more leads and customers from your website.

You can choose to get your results as a:

  • Written report
  • 30-minute or 1-hour video call

Eman is a true professional and a great copywriter

Sajad Mahmood - CEO at Charity Right

Pick your package

Find out once and for all whether your web copy is working how you need it to


3-page website audit

Tailored recommendations and action plan

30-minute strategy call (all your Qs answered)

Lifetime access to our recorded call




3-page website audit

Tailored recommendations and action plan

60-minute strategy call (all your Qs answered)  

Lifetime access to our recorded call



3-page website audit 

Tailored recommendations and action plan

60-minute strategy call (all your Qs answered)  

Your written report with results and recommendations  

Lifetime access to our recorded call


Let's get your questions answered

What happens after I hit the magic button?

You'll be taken to my calendar where you can (1) book a date and time for your Health Check call, (2) fill in my short questionnaire and (3) make your payment.

My website isn't live yet. Can you still review my copy?

Yes! You'll just need to send it as a Word/Google doc.

 Can you review more than 3 web pages?

The truth is: a three-page audit gives me all the information I need to work out what's right or wrong with your website copy. And I won't charge you for things you don't need. 

Which pages should I send for review?

I'd recommend your home page and about page, because these two are the most popular pages on your website. But if you want me to review something else, I'm happy to do that.

All done? Now go book!