This is how content writing can help your business grow

So what is content writing?

Content writing is a form of writing that aims to educate, entertain, and engage a clearly defined target audience. Your target audience. The goal is to create detailed, relevant, and well thought out content (pieces of writing) that empowers and educates your audience.

When you do it well, your brand will eventually become a trusted and familiar source of information for your audience. It’s this that encourages them to buy your product or service. In this sense, sales are made without actually having to pitch your product.

Let me give you an example

I’m a huge fan of Buffer: the social media management platform. I follow this company on Facebook and I often read their blog posts as they appear on my newsfeed. Why? Because they’re always teaching me something. Everything they share is of value to me, and the tips they give me will help me improve my social media skills, and therefore my business.

Because of their content, I’ve come to trust this company without even meaning to. Over the past few months, Buffer has been my go-to source whenever I’ve had questions about social media. I’ve even gone from using their competitor to using them instead. For Buffer, it’s mission accomplished. Even better: if someone were to ask me where they can find information on how to use social media for their business, I’d direct them to Buffer’s blog – which means that as well as being a customer, I’m also a promoter too.

Mission doubly accomplished.

The benefits of content

Over time, content has the ability to:

  1. establish you as a credible source of authority and expertise in your field;
  2. attract and attain new audiences for your company;
  3. encourage the return of existing audiences.

When done properly, the return on investment has the potential to be huge. If you’re paying a writer to write it for you, you only have to pay them once. After that, you never have to pay for it again, yet the content is yours to keep, to share, to promote, and to benefit from – forever.

If you’re going to do it, make sure you do it well. Your content has to be useful and interesting for the reader. If you’re a writer, that’s great – you’ll probably do a brilliant job. If you’re not, well…  that’s what content writers are for 🙂

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Eman Ismail - copy expert and founder of InkHouse - writes conversational copy for businesses that want to sound more human, less robot. Through her services and online course, she helps brands Marie Kondo their messaging so they’re loved and understood by their ideal customers. When she’s not running her biz or hosting copywriting workshops for Lloyds Bank, you’ll find her bouncing around (probably injured) at soft play with her not-so-baby boy.

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