Your business needs an editor. Here’s why.

A recent study found a link between grammar and consumer bhaviour.

Did you notice that typo?

So did 74% of the people who are reading this.

According to Global Lingo, when a company has spelling or grammatical errors on its website or marketing material, 74% of people notice. In fact, 60% say they wouldn’t trust this company to deliver high-quality service (Global Lingo).

So how can an editor help?

An editor is usually an expert in the English language. It’s their job to review and correct written work, improving accuracy, structure, and readability. They also ensure there are no inconsistencies, grammatical errors, or spelling mistakes.

Editors can be really helpful in spotting mistakes the writer hasn’t noticed, and offering a fresh perspective on their work. As I always like to point out: even professional editors need editors, which shows just how important they are.

The truth of the matter

The harsh reality is that not having an editor could lose you customers.

But you could just edit the work yourself rather than employ a dedicated editor, right? I hear you.

See, you could do that, but it’s highly likely you’ll miss some things that need amending. Being too close to a project can work against you. That’s why it’s always a good idea to enlist the help of an expert who’s detached from your business, or at least the work in question. They can approach your work with a fresh perspective and an unassuming mind.

It’s well worth the investment, because if a consumer sees your company using bad grammar, for example, they’ll start to wonder what else you’re getting wrong. If they can’t trust you to proofread your own flyers, how can they trust you with their money?

Recently, ASOS made a huge spelling error on some packaging. Though they handled the situation brilliantly, I think we can all agree that prevention is better (and much less time-consuming) than cure.



Eman Ismail is a UK-based copywriter and the founder of InkHouse. She works with businesses and non-profits across the world, writing marketing materials and content that increases their exposure and attracts their ideal audience. When she's not writing or delivering copywriting workshops, you'll find her glued to a podcast in the corner of a cosy cafe.

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