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Email. The profitable beast you don’t have time for


You’ve been leaving a whole lotta money on the table. You know it. I know it. Your 90-day marketing plan knows it.

Because even though email is your number one marketing asset, you’re missing high-converting email sequences. The ones that help businesses like yours make sales and build relationships on auto-pilot.

You’d write them yourself if you could. But you’re busy managing your small team, showing up online, serving your community, planning your next quarter, and trying to unicorn your way through an Asana task list so you can make dinner without having one eye on your MacBook. Truth is…

You don’t have the hours, energy or brain space to keep writing your own emails


Certainly not the kind of growth-powering, connection-building emails you need to make the industry-shaking impact you journal about most mornings…

… the kind of emails that’ll have you dancing to the soundtrack of Stripe notifications while you holiday in the hinterland mountains with your family.

You can’t help but wonder… if email is delivering for you now – even though you haven’t really given it the attention it needs…

… how would it deliver if you did?

Move your subscribers from “Hmmm” 🤷‍♀️ to “Hell Yeah!” 🙌 with emails that convert harder, better, faster, stronger

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Get emails that bring a permanent end to sprayin’ and prayin’. By using proven research methods like customer interviews, surveys, polls and review mining, I formulate messages that convince your audience to say yes.


Get a winning email strategy tailored specifically to your business and subscribers. With this intentional, data-driven strategy powering your business, you’ll see your conversions rise, and your RescueTime hours fall.


Get emails that capture your voice and sound just like you. With story-led, personality-packed emails, you’ll nurture your audience, build trust and strengthen connections. So the next time you sell, your audience won’t hesitate to press the buy button.

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“Eman’s copy doubled my conversions and captured ME. I was so emotional reading through it because of how well she nailed my story and message!”

— Estela Rodriguez-Jebril, Coach and Course Creator at Spiral Up Connections

“Dope-ass job on your email! Love it!”

— Joanna Wiebe, CopyHackers

“Eman did an AMAZING job at capturing… EVERYTHING. I’m over the moon. This may be the first time I’ve outsourced a really important project and it came back better than expected!”

—Star Melancon, Women’s Financial Strategist at SHEBuildingHER

“I hired Eman to write an evergreen sales sequence for my membership. I actually had a little cry when I read it for the first time.

I’ve put so much effort into my membership but I still can’t quite articulate why it’s so useful to members. So seeing the way Eman pulled everything together like this in one place with all of the member testimonials made me quite emotional. And I haven’t even really got into the nitty gritty!  

Thank you, Eman. I knew the email sequence was going to be amazing and it really is. I mean, why would anyone NOT sign up?!”

– Catherine Erdly, The Resilient Retail Club

“I’m a copywriter so outsourcing my own copy comes with a lot of baggage, but I had so much confidence in Eman.”

Here's how my onboarding sequence for Belinda Weaver's membership community got a 78.6% average open rate, a 28.9% average click rate, increased her membership retention and strengthened engagement within the group...


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